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2023-07-07 19:14:54


Esoteric picnic took place in the gardens of Palácio do Catete, in Rio, with the confirmation of 21 people
Launched in 2022, the Animaí app has a new version that can be downloaded since June 28th. One of the big news concerns the events created by users.

From now on, anyone who is interested in going to an event organized by someone else, but doesn’t feel comfortable attending alone, can share the agenda with a third person as long as they also become an app user. “Animai will send an alert when it has three profiles interested in the same event so that they can chat and mark the meeting place and other details more precisely”, explains the psychoanalyst and creator of the application, Rita Martins.

Animal gathering at picnic

It was through this function that the astrologer, tarologist and numerologist Doug Santos, whose mystical name is Dragon Mac Bel, organized an esoteric picnic on the 1st of July, in the gardens of the Palácio do Catete, which had the confirmation of 21 people. “I created this event so that we could exchange information and so that I could give esoteric guidance to each of the participants. I will also pass on tips on crystals and herbs for those who need it. My intention is that this meeting grows more and more and that it becomes something nice”, declared Santos.

Consultant Aline Ovídio participated and said that she will take the app wherever she goes: “The app gives us several opportunities to meet and talk about things we like in common”.
For the participants, the group’s “match” was so successful that they left the meeting arranging a new meeting to be organized through Animaí. Santos informed that there must be, next week, a harp festival for you to have your account in the app.

When creating their profiles in the application, users determine the activities they most enjoy, days and preferred neighborhoods and, due to the innovations, a notification is issued to the participant every time an event of interest is created by other users, on the dates and locations already informed in the registration. The new version has four leisure activities inserted and distributed in five topics:

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Solidarity, Esotericism, Excursion, Art and Culture, covering the possibilities of new activities and friendships.

“We did an evaluation in this first phase and we had more penetration in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. We also noticed, in this first year, that more outdoor events were scheduled, possibly because we were coming out of the pandemic”, declared publicist Lucas Maia, Rita’s partner in the app.

In addition to the functions for arranging meetings, the new version of Animaí brings other facilities, such as an updated chat interface, greater accessibility in online chat and visibility of people who are online and offline. The idea of ​​creating the app came from Rita’s consultations in her office.

The psychoanalyst, Master in Psychology, heard, for years, reports from patients about the lack of a company to go out with and began to observe how much it affected people’s mental health.

Animaí is free of charge and is available in the web version and also for Android and IOS systems, for use throughout the national territory.

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