“Apple” .. Fixing the “iPhone 14 Pro” camera shake next week / Urgent

The American company Apple is working on a technical update for the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max” phones, aimed at fixing an issue that causes the device’s rear camera to flicker when used with third-party applications.

And the Bloomberg News Agency quoted the company as saying that the update will be launched next week, noting that it has come up with a solution.

And this technical fix for the “iPhone 14” will be the second at least. On the day of the phone’s launch, the company asked users to update the phone to “iOS 1.0.16” to address an issue related to activating the “Facetime” application.

The company started selling the two phones last Friday, but some users started complaining on social media about the camera issue.

This issue, which can cause noise, is the result of a malfunction of the optical image stabilization device in some cases with third-party applications.

Users complained about the problem that disables some camera features in social networking applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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