Archaeology: Europe’s oldest settlement found near Lake Ohrid

2023-10-12 18:20:40

Artifacts from Europe’s oldest settlement have been found on the border between Albania and North Macedonia. These discoveries open up new perspectives for archaeologists.


In the waters of Lake Ohrid, on the border between Albania and North Macedonia, archaeologists have found wooden stakes, thousands of years old. These artifacts belong to what could be the oldest settlement in Europe, according to scientists.

“According to the data found, this colony dates from the beginning of the Neolithic period, so around 5,800 years before our era, so it is 6,800 years old, which makes it so far the oldest pile dwelling colony found in Europe” says Froseda Tola, archaeologist involved in the research.

These discoveries open up new perspectives for research into the history of European civilization.

“This shows that the civilization and the colonies are really ancient in Europe because so far the only colonies found are in Asia, in Africa. In Europe it was a little late with the dating, but now it shows that people also came here. Agriculture was used here earlier than we imagined, so it is very important for the history of Europe” explains Froseda Tola.

Samples are currently being analyzed at the University of Oxford and are expected to provide important answers about how people lived 8,000 years ago in Europe.

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