From April 3 to 9, 2023

You may ask for forgiveness and you may even be able to accept forgiveness, but you are not stupid and you are not going to forget. You are in a moment in which there is a lot of hope in your life. You are looking only towards the future, but there are certain people from the past who do not stop screwing up and are even embarrassing you. This week you are going to realize that less than you got out of certain relationships on time. You will finally feel proud of those decisions you made in the past. Now you are going to see the positive consequences of what brought you so many headaches.

There is a health issue that is killing your nerves and the little patience you have. You are brave and you are not usually afraid of these things, but, Aries, you can’t stand that there is something “wrong” with you. There is something that is preventing you from doing your daily life and you get very frustrated. This week spend time taking care of yourself. All this is a process and in the end everything will come to nothing. Comply with the recommendations and you will see how the nightmare ends sooner than you imagine.

The Full Moon in Libra this Thursday will mark a before and after in your love life. A total change related to your feelings and your heart. Either you are going to get very close to a person or you are going to get away from someone forever. You are going to give an ultimatum and it depends on the answer, you will decide one thing or another. Whatever it is, it’s going to change the pace of your love life quite a bit.

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For Aries who have a partner, this week there will be very exciting moments. It is time to go one step further, to declare, to move, to propose a new plan for the future. You have to keep moving forward and never stay stagnant. Single Aries this week will also start looking for something long-term. Slowly, you don’t have to claim a ring overnight either, but just like that, you’ll make the decision to cut the one-night stands. At least for a season. Happy week, Aries.

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