Asia’s largest bird park opens in Singapore

2023-05-09 06:26:49

New Mecca for bird fans in Singapore: The “Bird Paradise” in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve has opened its doors in the Southeast Asian city-state. More than 3,500 feathered residents and thus more than 400 different species populate the enclosures and aviaries. Dozens of species that can be seen are listed as Critically Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. According to the operators, it is the largest bird park in Asia.

In addition to marveling at many magnificent species, the program for visitors also includes flight presentations with marabous, feeding gray parrots and talks with animal keepers. There is also a state-of-the-art, multi-level indoor penguin habitat. The park announced that around 3,000 guests had already come on Monday, the opening day.

But it is still a “soft opening” with only 75 percent visitor capacity. This is to avoid stress for the birds, some of which still have to settle into their new home. On May 26, the “Bird Paradise” will then be fully opened.

This was preceded by a huge move: in January, the famous Jurong Bird Park closed after 52 years. Since then, residents – including parrots, flamingos, hornbills and pelicans – have been gradually, well packaged, moved to their new home, an hour’s drive away. The new park will improve both the living conditions and breeding programs for the birds, it said. Experts spent a year developing strategies to safely and stress-free transport the different species with their different needs.

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