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Yuri Berchiche, Athletic defender, celebrates one of his two goals against Mallorca.Miguel Tona (EFE)

Athletic won against Mallorca, they are still up there, in noble positions, and they continue their spectacular progress in San Mamés, a stage that is proving impregnable for their rivals. Only Real Madrid, on the first day of LaLiga, back in August, was able to win at the Cathedral. Possibly, at this point in the season, he would have more problems doing so.



Unai Simón, Aitor Paredes, Yuri, De Marcos, Yeray, O. Sancet (Mikel Jauregizar, min. 79), Benat Prados, Nico Williams (Muniain, min. 67), Ruiz de Galarreta (Ander Herrera, min. 67), Williams (Malcom Adu, min. 82) and Guruzeta (Raúl García, min. 79)



Predrag Rajkovic, Giovanni González (Nacho Vidal, min. 57), Valjent, Jaume Costa, Copete (Muriqi, min. 45), Raíllo, Omar Mascarell, Dani (Javi Llabrés, min. 75), Antonio Sánchez (Darder, min. 57), Manu Morlanes and Cyle Larin (Abdón Prats, min. 75)

Goals 1-0 min. 3: Yuri. 2-0 min. 16: Yuri. 3-0 min. 62: Guruzeta. 4-0 min. 88: Muniain.

Referee Jorge Figueroa Vázquez

Yellow cards Cyle Larin (min. 75)

In the last games in San Mamés, the world immediately turns rosy for Athletic. He passed him in the Cup, against Barcelona, ​​with a goal before the first minute was up. It happened again against Mallorca, on a night that was expected to be rocky, knowing how Aguirre and his boys spend it, with very hard skin, difficult to peel except with a very sharp knife, but in one of the first arrivals to Rajkovic’s area, in a free kick given by Nico Williams, Yuri put his left leg with his back to the goal and surprised the goalkeeper and defenders to open the scoring.

The Athletic side was planted, always a long-range player, who mixes well with Nico on the left, because shortly after the quarter-hour mark of the match, a corner kick executed by his partner on the wing extended it Guruzeta heel, and without letting it fall, Yuri touched it, this time with his right, very subtle, and put it in the square, despite Rajkovic’s late flight. Almost nothing had happened and almost everything had already happened, because Mallorca, which appeared with a line-up that seemed designed more for Tuesday’s Cup match in Son Moix than for the cool night of San Mamés, suffered the two blows for many minutes.

So much so that Athletic began to like each other in some attacking actions. After the only dangerous arrival from Mallorca, which ended in a high shot from Sánchez, the Bilbao team were able to increase their advantage with an impeccable header, marking the times, from Guruzeta, after a great service from De Marcos. This time the Mallorca goalkeeper did a great service to his cause, with a save to send the ball to the corner.

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Athletic played and played, and Mallorca defended itself, but without responding in the opposite field, so the stands placidly enjoyed the score. Also in the second part. Aguirre brought out Muriqui to give more substance to his attack, but it was still Athletic that controlled the game, sometimes with periods of harassment in which Mallorca could not get out of its area. But, also, when he did so, he was in danger, because Valverde’s men stole from high up and the Williams brothers, accompanied by Sancet and Guruzeta, mounted counterattacks that dislodged the Mallorcan defense.

Iñaki Williams had the chance for the third goal in one of his runs at maximum speed, which crashed into the goalkeeper. But he arrived in the next one, after an isolated chance for Mallorca, in Nacho Vidal’s shot from a corner. It was another counter well carried out by the entire Athletic vanguard line, with a horizontal pass, already in the area, by Iñaki Williams, which Sancet touched and Guruzeta pushed. The lineman raised the flag, and it seemed clearly offside, but the VAR lines denied that impression, and the San Sebastian forward, although delayed, was able to celebrate his ninth goal of the season.

Then came the changes, with the match already resolved, although the red and white fans were worried by the departure of the Williams brothers from the field, both with discomfort. Mallorca did not appear again, and Athletic limited themselves to controlling the minutes remaining until the end, which were many, although Iker Muniain still had time to beat the center of Óscar De Marcos, two veterans with a lot of speed. , to complete the score and receive recognition from the stands, now that he plays much less. Now, the two rivals, Athletic and Mallorca, are already thinking about the Cup semifinals.

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