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2023-10-02 19:41:05

ÖVP is unworthy as a governing party, there must be no place for hatred of people

Vienna (OTS) Today’s ÖVP leak, according to which the ÖVP is planning a committee of inquiry against the SPÖ, FPÖ and even against its own coalition partner, proves once again: There is nothing left to do with this ÖVP. “Intrigues, covert machinations and hatred of people are now the program in this party. A call to honest citizens to stop supporting this madness seems to have been in vain so far. For years, the ÖVP has openly shown its hatred of people who are not rich, have no heirs and With a few exceptions, no ÖVP politician has stood up and taken a stand against it. “Fold your hands, hold your tongue” is probably the maxim in these circles,” says Vera Koller, annoyed by these depths of Austrian domestic politics.

Kocher’s defense of Nehammer’s vile video appearance also speaks volumes. “In smaller circles it is supposedly ‘normal’ to find a little harsher words in order to put the real facts on the table, the ÖVP wants us to believe and obviously thinks the population is particularly stupid,” says Koller, “the basic tenor behind it : other people’s lies are exposed in order to present the absolute ‘truth’. This ‘truth’ is intended to finally give the top performers in this country the necessary respect and appreciation that they have long earned. Women, the poor, Unemployed people, they all obviously don’t count.” And certainly not left-wing “do-gooders” who stand behind a strong welfare state and are of the opinion that good living conditions are not an additional goodie that can be earned, but that everyone is entitled to them.

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“People who argue like this, who speak so condescendingly and arrogantly about other people, must not be representatives of this country. A party that only consists of hatred and intrigue has no place on the political stage,” says Koller finally.

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