Benefit of up to 70 million won for small and pseudo cancer [재테크 특집]

Hanwha Life

‘Hanwha Life Signature Cancer Insurance’, which acquired exclusive use rights for six months. Provided by Hanwha Life

Hanwha Life Insurance has launched and is selling ‘Hanwha Life Signature Cancer Insurance’, which reflects the changes of the times and the latest insurance consumption trends for cancer. The product also acquired an exclusive right to use for six months from the Life Insurance Association.

For this product, the ‘Cancer Exemption Period No Insurance Premium Payment System’ has been newly established so that you do not have to pay premiums for some special contracts for which the exemption period is set for 90 days. As a result, it was evaluated that the product paradigm was changed from a seller-centric to a customer-centric one by matching the timing of insurance coverage start and premium payment.

In addition, reflecting the current trend of cancer, we have strengthened the insurance for similar cancers and new medical technology-centered treatment costs, breaking away from the existing cancer insurance that focuses on diagnosis funds. It has newly developed 10 types of special drugs and 14 types of risk rates related to cancer prevention such as MRI and PET scans and treatment such as ‘Da Vinci Robotic Surgery’. Through this, it is possible to receive benefits while preventing cancer, unlike existing cancer insurance, which did not receive any benefits before getting cancer no matter how much insurance was purchased.

Due to the increase in early screening, the coverage limit for microcancer and similar cancers, which are diagnosed more frequently than general cancers, has been expanded to 70 million won. In addition, the cost of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and targeted drug treatment, and the limit of insurance for surgery and hospitalization have also been significantly increased.

By reflecting the modern consumption trend centered on the MZ generation, you can sign up for as many guarantees as you want. In particular, cancer insurance, which could not be subscribed to because it was tied to one main contract or special contract, was separated so that it could be freely selected. It is divided into 9 types of general cancer, pseudo-cancer, stage 4 cancer, and regional cancer, so customers can add only the insurance they need. In addition, the inconvenience of not being able to subscribe due to exceeding the limit was solved by removing the linkage according to the subscription amount for each insurance.

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