Beware of summer shoes that are too light

2023-07-16 04:24:00

During the summer, the heat pushes us to wear lighter, open and flat shoes, so the feet are more exposed to the risk of injury. Explanations and advice with Dr. Martin Ducret, doctor and journalist at Doctor’s Daily.

franceinfo: What are the most common injuries with flat and light shoes?

Martin Ducret : We can cite bruises, cuts, burns or even stings, wounds that are much more frequent on more exposed feet, subjected to external aggressions. There are also the pains of “tendonitis” of the Achilles tendon and at the level of the sole of the foot.

Yves Lescure, podiatrist in Paris and director of the Rockefeller Podiatry Institute in Lyon, explains it this way: “These pains occur because of the change in the type of footwear between most of the year when we put on shoes that raise the heel, such as ankle boots, dress shoes or certain sneakers, and the warm months when the ‘we are moving to a much flatter shoe without heel support like flip-flops, espadrilles or ballerinas.

How to avoid this?

With such a sudden change, the arch of the foot and the Achilles tendon do not have time to adapt to the new constraints and the pains appear. It is therefore necessary to seek to gradually reduce the height of the heel and alternate footwear. Instead of going directly from 6 cm to 0 cm, you should wear shoes with a heel height of 3 cm with, ideally, support for the rear foot.

Are there any precautions to avoid sprains for those planning to hike this summer?

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Yes, first of all, you have to test your hiking shoes before embarking on an excursion. For example, walk 3 times for 2 hours with them to do them well. Then, even if there is no scientific proof, I recommend high shoes to patients who often sprain their ankles. And to avoid twisting your ankle, you have to build your ankles and legs at least 2 to 3 weeks before departure.

What about foot blisters?

To prevent blisters, in addition to putting on suitable technical socks, there are very effective creams against chafing. Last point, to avoid the development of mycoses during the summer, you must wash your feet regularly, especially dry yourself well between your toes and avoid being barefoot in synthetic shoes. In case of excessive sweating, you can opt for talc of Venice, a very effective natural treatment.

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