Blue zones to live more than 100 years

“THaving purpose in life is so important in this culture that’s why they don’t have our concept of retirement,” says Dan Buettner, a journalist for National Geographic and author of the book The secret of the blue zones: eat and live like the healthiest people in the world, where he details how human beings can incorporate the diets and habits of the longest-living people in the world into their routine. In the writing he also reflects on the quality of life compared to the years that an individual wants to live.

One of the greatest purposes of the human is longevity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average life expectancy on a global scale stands at 70 years for men and 74 for women. However, the current lifestyles that promote —in general— a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with technological devices and processed foods, might cause a failure of the desired “maximum age”.

Despite this brake on life, there are blue zones on earth, places where not only do people exceed 100 years of age, but also lead a healthier life, with greater meaning and full of love, or at least that’s how it seems. the inhabitants report. “It’s regarding dying young being as old as possible,” Buettner writes.


It is an island located in the Aegean Sea, 13 kilometers off the coast of Turkey. Globally, it has one of the lowest rates of death in midlife and in dementia. Its name derives from the hero of Greek mythology Icarus, son of Daedalus. According to various scientific studies, one in three islanders reaches the age of 90 and is 50 percent less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and neither knows depression nor anxiety. In addition, he has an active sexual and physical life for sports.

Icaria. Photo: Adobe Stock


It represents the largest island of a subtropical archipelago. For every 100,000 inhabitants, 68 exceed the century of life. According to Buettner’s research, three factors favor settlers: diet, social practices and genetics. Mainly, in its gastronomy, tofu, seaweed and vegetables such as sweet potatoes stand out. One of the biggest advantages for older adults is that they stay busy and diligent, for example, it is common to see women knitting or cleaning typical threads.

Okinawa. Photo: Adobe Stock

Okinawa. Photo: Adobe Stock


Located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, this island has an average life expectancy of 81 years. The reflection of Eden surprises with its more than 300 beaches, medieval towns and prehistoric vestiges. In it is Cala Goloritzé, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Within its gastronomy there is meat, grains, fruits and vegetables; rock lobster and tuna are consumed to a lesser extent. In the towns of Sardinia, the senile are respected and almost revered, as they are an essential part of society.

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blue zones

Sardinia. Photo: Adobe Stock


It is the community with the highest concentration of Seventh-day Adventists in the United States, with some residents living up to ten years longer and in better health than the average American. Currently, regarding 9,000 people reside in the region. According to official reports, the church flourished in the 20th century, as did its members, who see health as the center of their faith. Much of his longevity rests on his vegetarian diet and regular exercise. Also, because they don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

Loma Linda.  Photo: Adobe Stock

Loma Linda. Photo: Adobe Stock


It was the first colonial city in the Central American country and has the oldest church in Costa Rica. In addition to being one of the most important regions in agricultural production in the country, it is one of the most important tourist destinations for Costa Ricans. On a global scale, it has the lowest death rates and the second concentration of male centenarians. There the elderly benefit from the sea, climate and tropical fruits. N

blue zones

Nicoya. Photo: Adobe Stock

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