Building is changing: Digital and prefabricated

2023-07-07 23:03:00

As a reaction to the difficult economic situation in house and multi-storey residential construction, the shortage of skilled workers, supply chain problems and inflation, the Etzi Group is moving in the direction of digitization and modernization. Alternative construction systems and system solutions with a high degree of prefabrication are intended to save construction time and costs. “I looked around Europe for alternative building systems,” says Maximilian Etzenberger, owner and managing director of the Etzi Group: “The potential of these system solutions is particularly great for multi-storey residential buildings.” The construction industry is still lagging behind a little when it comes to these innovations. With prefabricated solid brick walls and complete window elements, “we achieve a very high degree of prefabrication in production and are also independent of the weather”.

At the future location in Ried im Traunkreis, a factory for the production of prefabricated window modules is currently being built. Further locations in Lower Austria and Styria are being planned.


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