By how much will the minimum wage increase in January 2023?

Experts have calculated how much the SMIC could rise in 2023… they have also proposed to reform it.

1.8%: the rise in the minimum wage in January 2023?

The exact data will not be known until mid-December 2022. Insee must publish the final inflation data for November 2022 for the calculation to apply. And the minimum wage in January 2023, which will have November 2022 as its reference month, will increase accordingly.

But with the provisional data, the group of independent experts in charge of the SMIC file with the government, purely advisory, attempted the calculation. According to them, the increase in January 2023 of the minimum wage in France will be 1.8%. This would represent approximately an increase of 30 euros gross (for a full-time job at 35 hours), underline The echoes.

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