C-Week: free event celebrates the customer

2023-09-04 18:13:19

In the business world, the customer relationship is not just a business transaction, but a relationship that can transform a company. In order to celebrate this relationship and explore ways to strengthen it, the C-Week is back in its sixth edition. The online event, which is already an annual ritual at Instituto Cliente Feliz, presents a week of insights and exchange of experiences to enrich the culture of customer experience in companies, with live broadcasts at noon, from September 11th to 15th.

According to Gisele Paula, CEO of Instituto Cliente Feliz and co-founder of ReclameAqui, the customer is the main asset of companies and needs to be at the center of business decisions.

Therefore, the C-Week will present an inspiration journey on the culture of the customer in companies, which will bring together specialists and leaders of the Brazilian market. Its aim is to provide a platform to discuss strategies, share practices and raise awareness of the importance of the customer for businesses of all sizes.

The event will be broadcast live every day at noon and is exclusive to subscribers. During this week, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in conversations ranging from the importance of putting the customer first to how to generate memorable experiences through brand building.

A C-Week, which will be conducted by Gisele Paula and empathy specialist Beto Gioia. It will also feature entrepreneurs and executives:

Natalia Martins, founder of Natalia Beauty (NB), will share insights into customer experience as a path to profit. Drawing on her experience, Natalia will bring insight into understanding how a customer-centric approach can be a lever for sustainable growth.

João Branco, former VP of Marketing at McDonald’s, will explore how building a strong brand can be an effective strategy for creating exceptional customer experiences. From a perspective of the universe of large companies, João will bring insights on how the brand can impact the customer experience.

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Camila Almeida, VP of People at Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, will bring a unique perspective on how putting the customer first can result in profits. With a vision of people management and organizational culture, Camila will discuss how the customer experience is directly related to financial success.

Renato Ciccarelliby Serasa, will address how to work with the customer experience in the B2B context, with practical strategies to create a journey of experiences for business customers.

A C-Week It is an opportunity for professionals from all areas, entrepreneurs and those passionate about the client’s culture to immerse themselves in a week of insights and conversations about the present and future of the area. Live lectures offer the opportunity for direct interaction with speakers, providing a platform to ask questions, share experiences and learn from the best in the business.

Entries for the C-Week are free and open on official website of the event.


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