“Cardiovascular Wellness: Expert Tips, Natural Remedies, and Health Benefits”

2023-05-30 06:29:19

Cardiovascular disorders: what are they?

Among the leading causes of death worldwide are cardiovascular diseases. Behind this term, we find all the disorders that affect the blood vessels and the heart, which can affect the rest of the organism and your state of health as a whole.

We find, for example, coronary, rheumatic or cerebrovascular heart disease, peripheral arterial disease or even venous thrombosis and heart defects.

Beyond these scientific terms, cardiovascular diseases frequently result from an unhealthy lifestyle, which results in a lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol for example.

A healthy lifestyle to reduce the risks

The first natural way to guard against the risk of cardiovascular disease is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and good daily habits…

Beyond these scientific terms, cardiovascular diseases frequently result from an unhealthy lifestyle, which results in a lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol for example.

To reduce this risk, we recommend that you:

  • Stop smoking and avoid alcohol;
  • Adopt a diet low in salt and rich in fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Play sports…

Start by taking stock of your situation and the habits you could improve.

Reduce stress

Among the main factors that increase the risk of heart disease, stress plays a major role. For example, it can cause high blood pressure and put you at greater risk of cardiovascular problems.

To limit it, different solutions exist:

  • breathing exercises and meditation to simply learn to observe one’s thoughts without trying to evacuate them;
  • relaxation to loosen muscles and release tension;
  • the sophrology to learn how to breathe better and feel better;
  • the help of a therapist who, according to your story, will help you relax.

Adapt power supply

Basic tips

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to protect against the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In particular, the mediterranean diet, known for its natural benefits, is recommended when you want to protect and strengthen your body. Rich in fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, but also in good fatty acids and legumes, this diet helps regulate your blood pressure, but also your weight.

Whatever your preferences, avoid saturated fats and red meat. Ban sugary drinks and reduce the consumption of dairy products.

Good to know : Garlic can not only make your food taste great, but can also help you maintain good cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure.

Foods that are good for your heart

To allow the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system, different foods are recommended:

  • THE fresh fruits and vegetablesfor their antioxidant and vitamin C properties;
  • good fats: special mention for olive oil and foods rich in Omega 3 such as fish (salmon, sardines, tuna), walnut and chia oil…;
  • THE lean protein found, for example, in roast veal, poultry, beef tenderloin, etc., but also in cheeses with less than 20% fat and low-fat dairy products;
  • fiber-rich foods such as Whole grainsoilseeds and pulses;
  • foods with a low glycemic index, to reduce the risks, but also for better control of cholesterol and blood sugar: multigrain wholemeal breadbarley, chickpeas, beans…

Foods that are bad for your heart

Conversely, banish or reduce foods high in bad fats such as pastries, fatty meats, cold cuts, butter, cheese, cream, etc. Similarly, avoid refined sugar found, for example, in white sugar, sodas, confectionery… A diet that is too salty can also be harmful. These include, for example, processed foods such as cheese, ready-made sauces, pizzas, etc.

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In summary, for an ideal diet for a healthy cardiovascular system, we advise you to eat fruits with their skin, to favor whole starchy foods, to avoid prepared meals and industrial products. Supplement your diet with oleaginous fruits as a snack, for example. Think of dried fruits, high-fiber cereals, oat bran in dishes, etc. Above all, eat oily fish at least twice a week.

These natural aids that protect your health

Proper use of herbal medicine

Beyond these good habits to adopt, you can also protect yourself against the risk of cardiovascular disease with the herbal medicineplants that come to relieve and protect you…

  • l’hawthornfor its heart-stimulating properties, to drink as an herbal tea three times a day for six weeks;
  • lemon balm, which not only reduces stress, but also regulates the heart rate;
  • the olive leaf to protect against high blood pressure;
  • oats, rich in dietary fiber and helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels;
  • artichoke, to lower cholesterol levels;
  • l’ail to protect you against hypertension;
  • chicory to reduce diabetes.

In any case, consult your doctor who will guide you in your steps.

The little extra tips

To clean your arteries and avoid any aggravation, you can prepare a garlic milk. With three cloves of garlic in boiled milk, you can improve blood circulation in a natural way and dilate blood vessels. To drink once cooled, before going to sleep.

Ylang-ylang essential oil is also recommended to soothe you. For example, you can inhale its perfume for a few minutes (1 drop on each wrist). For even greater relaxation, you can accompany these gestures by practicing meditation and taking baths that will slow your heart rate.

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