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Carlos Novelo Flota was rubbing his hands waiting for the stewards and organizers of the Nascar Trucks Series to issue the official results after the San Luis Potosí stage last weekend.

And when the tables appeared, he was able to confirm that his advances in the category are real.

Novelo Flota, in his second season in the Trucks Series, is already close to the leaders of all drivers and leads the competition among rookies.

In the general classification, the Yucatecan driver from Anvi Sports is already in fourth place, with 69 units, and believes that, in the next test, in two more weeks in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, he can fight for the podium. “Little by little, but not at a slow pace. The intentions this year are to get into the top three of Trucks, we are working towards it,” highlighted the 19-year-old driver, in a talk in the Diario, where he recounted what he experienced at the San Luis Potosí event the previous Sunday.

“It was an interesting race, very hard-fought, on a small, difficult oval, therefore, any mistake could harm the drivers. And we closed it well, in fifth place in the classification, fighting to be among the first, and now, with the official results, we are fourth at the national level,” she says. With 69 units, he is behind the trio made up of Rodrigo Maggio (90), Andrea Lozano (80) and Everardo Fonseca (71).

The idea, he says, is that “with better preparation, a little more racing, I can go further.”

And, given the ease of travel for others to the Potosí racetrack, “they have already worked thirty, forty times on that circuit, I have only been there twice in my entire life.”

And he is also happy that, according to the official reports, he appears as the leader among those in the rookie category, tied with Jan Phillip (69) and two points ahead of Santiago Cruz.

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Likewise, he commented on his satisfaction because, since his career in motorsports began to be known, there have been several young people who seek him out for advice on their intention to enter the competitive arena. “Soon we are going to have good news, there are several who already want to compete, we are going to do well,” he said.

In Formula Karts, Novelo Flota finished fourth in the previous race, which also places him on an important path. In motor racing, which is competitive and complicated in Mexico, due to sponsorship issues, he has many intentions in the near future, such as emigrating to the United States. “I don’t want to stay in Mexico waiting, we have intentions of growing, we are of an age and time to think about that. Moving up requires sacrifices, and sometimes decisions like that are made, everything is for the sake of improvement.”— Gaspar Silveira

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