Castres. Conference: artificial intelligence in questions

2024-01-15 04:09:00

The Jaurès Espace Tarn Association (Ajet) is organizing its first conference of the year on a current theme: Artificial Intelligence. This conference-debate takes place this Tuesday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Isis engineering school in Castres.

Artificial intelligence, a new technology that is as fascinating as it is frightening. Is human history nothing but an incessant effort of invention? Artificial intelligence abounds in this direction. But how to define it? Is it an important step in the perpetual evolution of our species? No one can deny the changes in practices brought about in our daily lives by digital progress.

Today, which sectors are impacted by artificial intelligence?

Hervé Pingaud, university professor stationed at INU Champollion, teacher at Isis-Castres, associated researcher at CNRS LGC-University of Toulouse, will attempt to provide answers to these questions, to shed light on this dynamic of change with its share of expected progress and related ethical questions.

The entrance is free.

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