Cervical cancer: a single dose of vaccine is enough

2023-06-29 06:33:02

This is excellent news that emerges from vaccination campaigns against cancer of the cervix already carried out in several countries: one dose of vaccine is enough to protect lastingly, even for life, young girls instead of two or three. injections according to age as currently recommended.

Developing countries account for 90% of cervical cancer deaths

Since 2006, most Western countries, apart from France and Japan following false rumours, have vaccinated their population and are beginning to see the number of cervical cancers drop.

The challenge now is to generalize vaccination coverage to developing countries which account for 90% of deaths. Until now, the need for at least two doses of vaccine required developed health infrastructures, significant expenditure for the purchase and implementation of vaccination campaigns as well as good observance of the vaccination schedule by families. These obstacles should be greatly reduced with the simpler application of a single dose and a vaccine cost halved.

Vaccination with a single dose should also facilitate its extension to boys

In 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already recommended a single dose and around twenty Western countries have programmed it for their future vaccination campaigns. Papillomaviruses are highly contagious and one of the first sexually transmitted infections.

Some of them cause cancers of the cervix, penis, vulva, vagina and increasingly of the throat, especially in men. In 2020, only 13% of young girls under the age of 15 were vaccinated worldwide and the objective set by the WHO of having 90% by 2030 becomes plausible again. Vaccination with a single dose should also facilitate its extension to boys, whose vaccination coverage is still too low in all countries.

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