Changes in driving license exams from March 1

The prices of driving license exams will be higher in Wallonia from 1 March. This increase concerns permits A (motorcycle), B (car) and G (agricultural vehicle). Type C (truck) and D (bus) permits are not affected, as their prices are already automatically indexed each year.

For license B, the price of the theoretical exam goes from 15 to 16 euros while that of the practical test goes from 36 to 40 euros. The risk perception test also goes from 15 to 16 euros. In the office of the minister in charge Valérie De Bue (MR), it is specified that the increase “responds to the request of the sector to be able to cope with the numerous indexations of salaries and the increase in energy costs”.

These prices had not been indexed since 1998. Even if the price increase for theoretical and practical exams alone is less high in Wallonia than in Brussels and Flanders, the total amount to be paid to obtain your precious sesame is always more higher in Wallonia than in the other Regions. The total cost of practical and theoretical exams is 56 euros in Wallonia compared to 60 in Brussels and 65 in Flanders.

But the candidate for a driving license in the south of the country will also have to pay 16 euros for the risk perception test, which is free or included in the practical test elsewhere. This brings the total to 72 euros in Wallonia. In Wallonia, there is also a test of technical ability to drive allowing you to train alone after a 20-hour training course in a driving school or three months in the independent sector with a guide. This device does not exist elsewhere. Its price will rise on Wednesday from 60 to 67 euros.


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