check the result of today’s draw Thursday February 10, 2022

A lottery participant fills out a ticket.  (iStock)

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A lottery participant fills out a ticket. (iStock)

Like every Thursday and Saturday, this February 10 at 9:40 p.m., the State Lotteries and Betting Draws Hall, located on the well-known Guzmán el Bueno street in Madrid, will host the draw for the Primitiva, the most country old. In tonight’s draw you can get 27,000,000 euros, the amount accumulated in the jackpot after 20 draws without anyone having managed to win it. In this way, the one that could be distributed this afternoon, in case of a first category winner, would be one of the smallest prizes distributed by this lottery.

play the Primitive It is very simple, whether you opt for the single bet or the multiple. With the first option, the simple one, you can play from a minimum bet to a maximum of eight on the same ticket, with six numbers each play. To participate, six numbers are marked in each of the blocks that you want to play, paying one euro for each one.

For its part, in the multiple bet option you can choose more than six numbers in the first block. Thus, if the box with 44 bets is selected, five numbers must be indicated in the first block, so that the set formed by these will play with each of the remaining numbers in the block, creating 44 possible combinations.

If, on the other hand, another option is chosen, such as seven bets, 28 or 84, seven, eight or nine numbers must be selected respectively in the first column.

Lastly, we must also mention the Joker, a lottery associated with all the games managed by SELAE in which for one more euro, on the same ticket as the one on which the La Primitiva play is made, a bet is placed on a number of seven figures generated randomly and with which you can win up to one million euros if you hit the right combination in the right order.

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At previous draw, organized on Saturday February 5, no winner of the first category or second category uncorked bottles of champagne. The situation that took place on January 3 was different, a single lucky person won 78,585,995 euros in Tavernes Blanques (Valencia), but fell far short of the 2015 milestone, when a participant validated a ticket valued at 101,724,559 euros in the lottery administration number 328 of Barcelona, ​​located in calle Pere IV. Other winners hit a jackpot of nearly $70 million in 2013 and 2016.

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