China has delivered all the vaccines ordered by Morocco

Morocco has long since completed the receipt of vaccines from the Sinopharm laboratory. The Chinese Laboratory has delivered all of the quantities ordered by Morocco under the contract signed with the biotechnology giant. This is what the Chinese ambassador to Morocco, LI Changlin, assured us in an interview which will soon appear in the columns of “L’Opinion”.

Thus, Sinopharm fulfilled its contractual commitments. Regarding the quantity of vaccines, the ambassador did not confirm the exact figure, considering that this information belongs to the Moroccan authorities. But according to the first announcement of the contract concluded with the Chinese laboratory, the Kingdom has ordered sixty-five million doses. “Vaccine cooperation has been exemplary,” said the Beijing representative, adding that China has shown itself to be credible and a trustworthy partner.

Vaccine production: The first doses of Sinopharm already produced at Sothema

The vaccine cooperation between Morocco and the Chinese laboratory is not limited to a single commercial contract. The two parties signed an agreement relating to the production of the Chinese vaccine in Morocco. Where we are ? Mr. Li gave us an overview. Syringing Sinooharm’s vaccines has already begun, according to the Chinese ambassador, who specifies that the first doses were filled in December 2021 in the facilities of the Moroccan Laboratory “Sothema”. This, remember, has not been officially announced.

Indeed, Morocco began to receive, from October 2021, the first shipment of supplies and equipment for the “Fill and Finish” operation from the Chinese laboratory, as L’Opinion announced exclusively. .

The filling of the bottles is done temporarily in the Moroccan laboratory awaiting the completion of the construction of the industrial site of Benslimane, whose HM King Mohammed VI kicked off the construction work.

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Composed of three industrial lines, the Benslimane plant will be focused on filling liquid vaccines into vials (otherwise called aseptic filling) before extending its activity towards the complete production of vaccines by 2025. These lines will be dedicated to the production of pre-filled syringes, vials of liquids and freeze-dried vials.

Called “SENSYO Pharmatech”, the industrial unit is the largest platform by Fill & Finish capacity for vaccines in Africa. The project also provides for the transition to the production of active substances and will allow the Kingdom, within the next five years to cover more than 70% of its needs and more than 60% of those of the Continent.

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