consuming this drink can cause your levels to spike

When you wake up, following lunch, at snack time… café is the second most consumed drink in the world, following water. No less than 2.3 million cups are drunk every… minute. It contains many virtues but depending on its method of preparation, this hot beverage can harm cardiovascular health. This is revealed by a new study, published in the journal Open Heart on May 10.

To carry out their research, Norwegian scientists followed the medical data of more than 21,000 people aged 56 on average. Throughout the study, these participants answered a questionnaire on the type of coffee (filtered, boiled or press, espresso or even instant) as well as the number of cups of coffee swallowed each day. They then underwent blood tests to assess their cholesterol levels. According to the results, the consumption of 4 to 5 cups of espresso coffee per day is associated with an increase in cholesterol levels, especially in men. Fans of boiled or plunger coffee (more than six cups a day) had a cholesterol level higher than the others. And this regardless of the gender of the consumer. For the other methods of preparation, the results are less significant and vary according to sex.

The increase in cholesterol would be due to the presence of phytochemical compounds which are present in the petit noir when it is brewed but which disappear when (…)

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