Corona injuries are rising again.. Is there a cause for concern?

Under the title: “Corona’s injuries are rising again.. Is there a cause for concern?”, it was stated on the “Sky News Arabia” website:

It is not clear whether we are facing a new wave of the Corona virus around the world, despite the increasing number of infected people in several countries, especially in Europe.

In Britain, the figures showed for the fourth consecutive week an increase in the number of people infected with the Corona virus, according to what the “Sky News” network reported. Last week, the country recorded 1.7 million positive results for the “Covid-19” disease caused by the Corona virus, up from 1.3 million infections in the previous week. This is the largest overall increase since late July, but the number remains below the figure of 3.8 million infections per week at the height of the Corona outbreak at the beginning of that month.

With the exception of Scotland, where there is no clear rise in infections, trends in infections in the rest of the UK are similar.

What is worrying is that the infection is increasing faster among the older age group, and therefore the most vulnerable to the virus.

Vaccination is crucial

Although 94 percent of the elderly over the age of 80 in England have been vaccinated with at least three doses, those over the age of 50 in the country have been invited to book an appointment for a booster dose starting today.

Commenting on the figures, Mary Ramsey, head of vaccination at Britain’s Health Security Agency, said: “I think that’s to be expected.” And she continued, “This is the first year that people mingle naturally, and therefore I expect there will be more outbreaks of infection.”

But the different thing, according to the British official, is that the people, especially the elderly, who have been well vaccinated, have been vaccinated, and this will protect against serious infections caused by the disease.

Infections increasing in Europe

The World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention said earlier that another wave of Covid-19 infections may have begun to spread in Europe after cases rebounded across the region.

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“It is true that we are not where we were a year ago, but it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over,” the two organizations said in a joint statement.

It depends on the type of mutator

In the United States, National Public Radio warned of the initial signs of a new wave of the epidemic that will coincide – if it occurs – with the onset of winter.

Although infections are currently declining in the United States slightly, but as the weather turns colder and people begin to spend more time inside walls, where the virus spreads more easily, the risks of its resurgence increase.

This warning came despite the fact that US President Joe Biden announced last September that the Corona pandemic had ended in his country.

Experts in the United States say that if a radically different new mutation does not appear, the next wave will likely not be like the previous waves in the past two years in terms of the severity of injuries and deaths.

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