Desperately Seeking Taotao: Suspected Dog Theft in Tsuen Wan

2023-06-13 13:03:29

[Animal News]A suspected dog-stealing incident occurred on the promenade in Tsuen Wan. The male dog owner sat on a chair on the promenade near Pavi Bay with his dog “Tao Tao” at 3:00 pm yesterday (June 12). When the male dog owner stood up and walked more than 10 steps away to talk on the phone for 10 minutes, he found that Tao Tao was missing even the dog bag, probably stolen by someone. The female dog owner, Ms. Hu, has called the police. She is very worried about Taotao’s safety and hopes to reunite with her dog as soon as possible.

Ms. Hu said that when the incident happened, she was going to work, and her boyfriend took Taotao to the Tsuen Wan Promenade. He and Taotao sat on chairs, and Taotao was in a dog bag at the time. He walked away more than 10 steps because of talking on the phone at about 3 o’clock, but found that Taotao and the dog bag had been stolen 10 minutes later.

Taotao is a dog girl, about 4 months old, she has a quiet personality and doesn’t like to bark, and she is not wary of people. She also pointed out that Tao Tao’s feet were burnt due to the heat the day before yesterday and she has not recovered yet. Tao Tao was wearing a mint green chest belt when she suspected that she was stolen.

Ms. Hu felt very sad and worried about Taotao’s loss. She hoped that the person who found Taotao would return Taotao, and she would not ask how she found it.

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