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2023-07-30 14:00:00

Out of ecological conviction, lack of space in one’s library or pure question of practicality, digital books are increasingly attractive. In order to satisfy the desires of its subscribers, SFR offers access to thousands of books via an application: Nextory, available as an option and currently on sale for mobile customers. Discovery.

Notice to heavy readers as well as those who savor their books over time, we have found what you need. Ideal for holidays or daily transport journeys, the digital book can be taken everywhere and does not take up space. If there are connected objects dedicated to reading, the famous readers, SFR invites you to access a virtual library with thousands of references directly on your smartphone and/or your tablet! Presentation of the Nextory application, available as an option from SFR.

Reading everywhere and for everyone with SFR

Reading is not yet an outdated pastime. If it may have been eclipsed for a time by social networks or streaming platforms, it has made a real comeback in our habits in recent years. Except that book lovers of all kinds accumulate, accumulate, and end up with overloaded libraries. The good idea? Opt for an e-book. Nextory allows you to (re)discover various novels, literary classics, thrillers, science fiction stories, comic books, and even travel guides or recipe books… To read or listen to.

Who says better ? On smartphone or tablet, each member of the family can build their own library, with the choice of a personalized font and day or night modes. The application is obviously synchronized on all devices, in order to enjoy it everywhere, all the time, regardless of the digital medium. Plus, the books are even available offline for 30 days.

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It’s time to take advantage of it, the Nextory One option is currently offered at €5/month for 1 year for SFR mobile customers. As a subscriber, you can subscribe directly via your Customer Area. You don’t have a mobile plan with SFR yet? Choose one from the online store and add the Nextory One option to your cart, so you too can benefit from this promotional offer. The Nextory One option being non-binding, you can close this library at any time. But we assure you that to try it is to adopt it!

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