“Doctor Thira” reveals information about Covid-19, Omicron strain, BA.2, emphasizing the problem of Long COVID

… “Omicron” Omicron BA.2

BA.2 strain It is now reported to be more common in countries such as Denmark, India, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Topol E)

There is not much information about the severity. and vaccine resistance Is it different from the Omicron BA.1 strain that is currently spreading heavily around the world? But in terms of the rate of infection It was initially noted that it may be more sensitive than BA.1.

Looking at the location of the mutations shown in the figure, BA.2 differs from BA.1 in many places, but research needs to be done to determine the extent of transmission, virulence and vaccine resistance. sure

…Thais are in Asia Outbreak ripples are slower than other continents. Therefore, they must be aware of the situation. and keep protecting yourself strictly as a routine

Wear a mask. Two layers. The inner layer is a mask. The outer layer is a cloth mask.

bypass the crowded poor ventilation

Avoid eating and drinking with others.

See fewer people, get shorter, stay more than one meter from other people.

If you are sick, you should stop studying, take a break from work and get medical treatment.

issue Long COVID It is something that everyone should always be aware of.

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