“Dog – Luck has four paws” – on the dog – cinema

Whether “Lassie”, “Benji” or “Bailey” – barking is allowed in the cinema. Because man’s best friend is the dog! This is now celebrated once more in “Dog – Das Glück hat vier Pawten”, and this time again according to a formula.

Story: Soldier Jackson (Channing Tatum, 42), traumatized by war, returns to the military. The path leads through Lulu, the dog of a deceased comrade. Jackson is supposed to go to the funeral with her. The journey takes days and the animal is fierce.

With his directorial debut, Channing Tatum (“The Lost City”) processed the goodbye to his own dog. In the film, however, four-legged friends and war veterans first have to find each other through trust. The perfect starting point for a road movie.

Conclusion: Of course, everything is told in a very heart-rending way. Only after a short time you know how the rabbit – sorry, the dog – is running towards the happy end. This is often perceived as quite pleasing and fake.

(102 Min./FSK: ab 12 J.)

Photo: BILD

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Photo: BILD

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