“EU vs. Meta: The Battle for Personal Data Protection”

2023-05-23 11:08:15

It was Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, who revealed to the world in 2013 the mass surveillance carried out by Anglo-American intelligence agencies. The case caused a huge response, and Snowden had to flee all the way to Russia, where he enjoyed the protection of Putin.

However, the web companies that gave confidential information to the United States came out clean from the scandal. In fact, by now it has become a completely established habit that our every move is checked by the watchful eyes of Big Tech. So much so that the “if you have nothing to hide, you don’t have to worry” mantra is chanted by everyone. However, the European Union is not resting on its laurels and is attempting a direct attack on Meta, Zuckerberg’s company, which controls Facebook, among other things.

The EU’s fight to protect personal data

The With a fine of 1.2 billion euros – which is the highest fine the EU has ever imposed on a company in the sector – the EU accuses the company of serious breaches of data protection rules. Meta now has five months to immediately stop transferring our personal data overseas.

While the European Union willingly bows to many regulations of American origin, it takes a very belligerent attitude towards the USA when it comes to data. After all, who has something to hide but the representatives of Brussels. Immediately after the Snowden case, Angela Merkel herself accused the United States of spying on her. Now 10 years have passed and the EU has continued to fight ever since. This time, he is trying to prove that the Union cannot be messed with with a record fine.

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Meta’s answer

Meta reacted indignantly: “We are disappointed to learn that we have been targeted as we use legal systems that are used by thousands of other companies providing services in Europe. This decision is incorrect and unjustified” said Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs. In short, the rationale was: everyone does it, why am I being teased?

Meta has also covertly threatened to leave Europe if the EU continues its crusade against it, but many believe that these are just empty words, since it is a huge business for the American company to operate in Europe.


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