Even after the release, lots of players complained

A few days ago on February 17th, the new part of the economic simulation series The Settlers finally appeared after the developers at Ubisoft in Düsseldorf had completed a modest beta phase. So far there have been hardly any reviews of the game from the trade press, since reviews could only be prepared for the release and not in advance as usual. At least it’s the player’s turn to share their first impressions on social networks or on Metacritic.

The Settlers: New Alliances does not come out of the fold

The build-up game is known so far only via Ubisoft yourself or at Epic Games Store available and not on Steam. In the case of the latter, Die Siedler still gets a reasonable four-star rating. On the other hand, the Metacritic rating portal has a user score of 2.8, which was determined from 43 ratings to date. Of these, 6 are positive, 3 are mixed and – by far the absolute majority – 34 are negative. As an example, the most helpful comment for users on Metacritic follows:

“Being called The Settlers and offering such shallow gameplay is incredibly sad. They have removed the need for food for your population. Shortened production lines. They have restricted recruitment and combat to individual units instead of squads. And finally every social aspect has been removed from the population.They have tried very hard to be the next action RTS with an IP that was never meant to be.You get points for looks,it looks pretty.But after about After an hour you’ll find that looks are all it has to offer. Ultimately, with constant crashes, lackluster gameplay, server-side connection issues and MTX on day one, it’s not worth your time, you’ll want to play Anno 1800 instead play that makes The Settlers better than The Settlers at this point.”

Another user writes that New Alliances is more of a copy of a game from the Age of series than a The Settlers game. The opinion of the players on Twitter is similar. There, some users commented on the latest tweets from the official account about the game and also reported extensively on crashes that are said to occur very frequently. The price of 60 euros is also included in the evaluation. For the sake of completeness, it must of course also be mentioned that there is also positive criticism of the new The Settlers game. But she is clearly in the minority.

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