Fan Appreciation Day Pre-Recruitment Event: Apply Now for Limited Slots at Yamaga Fan Festa 2023

2023-08-16 09:35:19

We are looking for participants for the pre-recruitment event in the “Fureai Time” held on August 27th (Sun) at “2023 Matsumoto Yamaga FC Fan Appreciation Day “YAMAGA FAN FESTA 2023””.

All of the following target events require prior application (lottery), so those who wish to participate should apply by Monday, August 21 using the special application form.

In addition, on the day of Fan Appreciation Day, we will hold events (stage event, autograph session, stag, goods sales, etc.) with players who do not need to apply in advance. Details will be announced at a later date.

Fan Appreciation Day Advance Event Recruitment

Fan Appreciation Day schedule (tentative)

Date Sunday, August 27, 2023 Venue Sunpro Alwin Target 2023 Club Guns members
(Platinum members/Gold members/Silver members/Green members/Junior members) Flow 11:00 Admission waiting line arrangement (planned)
11:30 Opening
13:00 Fan Appreciation Day Start
13:15 Contact time ①
14:00 Contact time ②
15:30 Fan Appreciation Day ends

About advance application

Qualification requirements

Application deadline

Until 23:59 on Monday, August 21

About winning notification of pre-recruitment event

You can apply for one event from “Fureai Time ①” and one event from “Fureai Time ②”.
*If you apply for more than 2 times during Fureai Time ①, we will accept the last event you applied for. Fureai Time ② is the same. The number of participants in the event is limited, so if the number of participants exceeds the number of applicants, a lottery will be held.

Winning notification

Only winners will receive a winning email by 18:00 on August 23 (Wednesday) to the email address registered with their J League ID.

Precautions when applying

Please check the following points before applying.

Please be sure to enter your “Club Guns Membership Number” when applying.
*If you have not received your membership card yet at the time of application, please enter the date of application for Club Guns membership in the “Club Guns Membership Number” entry field. Players participating in the event may be changed suddenly on the day due to circumstances such as conditions. The contents of the event may change depending on the weather. When photos and videos of customers during the event are used for public relations and commercial use (official website, SNS, etc.) by the J. there is. Please agree in advance before participating. We will provide first aid for injuries that occur during the event, but we will not be held responsible following that. Please note.Handling of personal information

Personal information received from everyone at the time of application will be managed according to the Matsumoto Yamaga FC privacy policy and will be used for application for participation in this event, identity verification, and contact on the day. In addition, personal information may be provided following taking protective measures to subcontractors within the scope of legitimate reasons such as application reception.

Application method

Please apply using the dedicated application form below.

For application, “J League ID” and “Club Guns membership number (10-digit number)” are required.

List of pre-recruitment events

Locker Commemorative Photo

Reproduce the locker room at Sunpro Alwin’s home game!
Commemorative photo with the players!

Fureai Time ① Fureai Time ② Time/Participant Fureai Time ①
13:15-13:45 (scheduled) *Meet at 13:05
Itsuki Enomoto/So Fujitani
Contact time ②
14:00-14:30 (scheduled) *Meet at 13:50
Teru Ando/Masa Sumita
*Photos will be taken with the two athletes.Recruitment number of people 50 people each time

Commemorative photo with Team Bus supported by Temari Bus

※The photograph is an image

Take a commemorative photo with the players in front of the team bus that the top team uses for home games and away games!

Fureai Time ① Fureai Time ② Time/Participant Fureai Time ①
13:15-13:45 (scheduled) *Meet at 13:05
Kohei Kiyama / Yuta Taki
Contact time ②
14:00-14:30 (scheduled) *Meet at 13:50
Lucas Hiang / Paulinho / Victor
*Photos will be taken with 2 or 3 players.Recruitment number of people 50 people each time

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Interesting bicycle supported by TOY BOX

At Shinshu Sky Park, where Sunpro Alwin is located, enjoy cycling with the athletes on the very popular “Fun Bicycles”! Parents and children can participate together! !

Time Fureai Time①
13:15-13:45 (scheduled) * 13:05 set participants Taiki Miyabe player / Yuya Hashiuchi Number of players recruited 10 people
* Family members who are members can also participate.

Moruk supported by Yamagata Village

With the cooperation of the Yamagata Village Sports Promotion Committee of Matsumoto Yamaga FC’s hometown, which is focusing on promoting sports using Morkku, we will hold a Morkk showdown with the players!

Time Fureai Time①
13:15-13:45 (scheduled) *13:05 set participants Yota Shimokawa/Shusuke Yonehara Selected 10 people

GK Clinic

Experience the fun of GK with the GK team on Alwyn’s pitch!

Time Fureai Time①
13:15-13:45 (scheduled) *13:05 meeting participants Shouma Kanda / Hato Usui / Tetsuro Yoshimoto Recruiting GK coaches 30 people (elementary school students and above) Other inexperienced GKers are also welcome. Those who do not have GK gloves can also participate.

Food delivery staff with players!

We will sell “Yamaga Noodle Topping” produced by 5 college graduates who have joined this season.

On the day of the event, if you place an order from your smartphone, we will implement a service to deliver to your seat, and during some hours, 5 players will deliver to your seat. (Details to be announced at a later date)

We are also looking for staff to deliver with the players.
Participants will receive a group photo with 5 university graduates and original goods with autographs!

Time Fureai Time①
13:15〜13:45 (scheduled) Participants Yuya Fujimoto / Ryuji Kokubun / Naoto Arai / Ko Shimura / Mao Hamana Details of the activities, such as the meeting place, will be sent separately to those who have applied.

Press conference experience

Let’s ask various questions to the players in the press conference format!

Time Fureai Time②
14:00-14:30 (scheduled) *13:50 set participants Taiki Miyabe/Takato Nonomura 30 players

stick soccer

Team members sit in a row, face off once morest the other team, and aim for their own team’s goal by hitting the ball with a stick and competing for points! Everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy together!

Time Fureai Time②
14:00-14:30 (scheduled) *13:50 meeting participants Yuya Fujimoto / Shouma Kanda / Sorai Tanaka Number of recruits: 30

walking football

Don’t run, it’s a football played on foot.
Since the game is played under the no-contact rule (do not go to catch the ball), anyone can play, even if they have no soccer experience, are not good at sports, or have disabilities.

Time 14: 00-14: 30 (planned) * 13: 50 Meeting participants contact time ②
Kunitomo Suzuki / Yoshihiro Ninomiya / Hato Usui / Mao Hamana Recruitment of 25 players

kickguns target

Confront players with the popular “Kick Guns Target” even in home games! !

Time Fureai Time②
14:00-14:30 (scheduled) * 13:50 set participants Naoto Arai / Taku Inafuku / Ko Shimura Number of recruits 6 groups 12 people
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