Fassino and Juventus, Pistocchi’s photo sparks an uproar on social media –

The storm breaks out on social media over a photo of Piero Fassino published by journalist Maurizio Pistocchi. “The photo of the year”, the comment of the former face of Mediaset broadcasts, who attached a shot portraying the former mayor of Turin, under investigation for the case of the alleged theft in the duty free shop at Fiumicino airport, in company by Antonio Conte and Gianluigi Buffon, respectively former coach and captain of Juventus. The two then Bianconeri gave the then mayor a Juventus shirt, with the Fassino writing and the number 2 printed on the shirt, then posing for a three-way souvenir photo.

Inhuman country on Fassino

The image sparked a series of very controversial comments with Pistocchi. “You risk being sued with this infamous photo. Juventus must have really attacked her. But don’t worry, if you vent about X you can get by”; “She is really a mediocre person”; “Allusive as usual, she picked up a few likes, your real goal”; “I respect Maurizio but he could have spared this one, speaking as a Roma fan”; “Look, Fassino is from Turin… get informed!”, some of the numerous critical messages towards Pistocchi, who responded to several of them with comments like this: “People no longer have a sense of humor”; “As useless as a revoked championship, or rather, 2”.

Not just Fassino: the gang that stole perfumes at the airport was caught

Then there was another exchange, with a fan who appreciated the irony of the post on the former Twitter: “Once you post something nice on a topic known to you, the average Italian gets upset and insults you for defend his team. When we get so angry with those who govern us, instead of defending a troglodyte and someone who even gambled away his ex-wife, we will be better!”. “They’re too funny. More than the average Italian, this is part of the majority. And from these we understand everything”, Pistocchi’s response to the comment.

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