Fear among the Schumachers due to a possible leak of Michael’s condition by the driver’s ex-sister-in-law

Cora-Caroline Schumacher, ex-wife of Ralf, Michael’s younger brother, was part of a reality show and there is fear in the circle of the seven-time Formula 1 champion.

There is fear in those around Michael Schumacher, who since the accident he suffered ten years ago has been absolutely secretive regarding his condition, due to a possible leak of information. The fear arises from the participation of Cora-Caroline Schumacher, ex-wife of Ralf, the younger brother of the former Formula 1 driver, in a reality show called ‘Jungle Camp’. The program has more than 15 seasons on German television and just three days following the start of recording, the model and former member of the family decided to resign due to a “voluntary decision.” This was the official version of RTL, the network that broadcasts the show.

But according to Bild, this information would not be so and the departure of Cora Brinkmann, her maiden name, would actually be linked to the “mysterious Shumi clause” that the media maintains with the family to avoid talking regarding the state of health of the former runner. cars. “The producer of the program took a deep breath following her departure, because there was a certain fear of talking regarding topics that are not intended for that audience,” says the same newspaper on the subject.

The model and driver is no longer part of the very small circle that can visit the seven-time F1 champion, but according to network executives, they believed she might have information regarding Michael. “There is a lot of nervousness due to Cora’s talkative character. Almost fear. Fear that in an extreme situation (due to hunger or the stress of the competition) Cora might reveal sensitive information regarding the Formula 1 giant Michael Schumacher,” the journalists say. Germans Sven Kuschel and Nicola Pohl in the article.

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What is the ‘mysterious Schumi pact’?

In German it has the acronym FSK, which means Voluntary Schumi Control (Freiwillige Schumi-Kontrolle). “A kind of gentlemen’s agreement between senior media executives on issues of a personal and intimate nature of the former athlete,” explains Bild. The objective of this agreement is to “be careful regarding some stories linked to the Kaiser, possibly regarding the state of health of Michael Schumacher or even regarding previous Formula 1 celebrations.”

Cora was in the Schumacher family for almost 15 years and her bond with Ralf continued for two years following the former F1 driver’s serious accident. Although she is no longer part of the inner circle that she can access to visit him, she does have a good relationship with Corinna Schumacher, wife and person in charge of maintaining the privacy of her husband’s life.

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