Felipe Melo’s Aggressive Actions in 2023 Club World Cup Final

2023-12-22 20:07:42

A special match was the one he had Felipe Melo in the Club World Cup final against Manchester City. Left with a bitter taste after losing in the final match against the English, the Brazilian added another aggressive episode to his repertoire.

Known for his fiery temperament, the experienced midfielder went crazy in Saudi Arabia and after the final whistle of the match, he ended to pushing and insulting Kyle Walkera City winger who did not hesitate to take the lead, as equals to the player’s challenge.

Felipe Melo’s spirits were already high before the game, given that a his strong harangue against the ‘citizens’ It went viral today.

Without holding anything back, the Brazilian shot at the rival players to motivate his teammates.

“Did you see how they were when they arrived? Laughing and eating gum, thinking they had won! Damn! You gotta be mad, guys, that’s the mentality“He said before the 2023 Club World Cup final.

Felipe Melo’s push and fight with Kyle Walker

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