Femicide in San Luis: a woman was murdered by her ex-partner | Dora Arce was 38 years old.

A 38-year-old woman was stabbed to death. at his house in the Puntana town of Quines and for the femicide they arrested her ex-partner, who was injured following an alleged suicide attempt. Meanwhile, the Provincial police intensified the search for a young woman missing since January 9following the main suspect decided to take his own life.

Dora Arce was found stabbed to death inside the house where she lived, located on Calle Maestro Almeida at 400, regarding 180 kilometers from San Luis Capital. There, the officers also found the victim’s ex-partner injured with a knife to the chest.

The spokespersons for the investigation pointed out that Daniel Gustavo Agüero is believed to have entered the house, attacked the woman and then attempted suicide.

The alleged femicide was taken to a hospital in the area where He remains hospitalized out of danger and as a detainee.

The case is being investigated by the public prosecutor Esteban Roche, who ordered a series of proceedings, among them, the performance of the autopsy of the victim’s body and other rigorous expert reports.

Search and claim of appearance alive

The San Luis Police intensified the search for Fernanda Romina Lucerowho is found missing since January 9, following knowing that her ex-partner committed suicide.

The complaint was made on Saturday, February 5, by the 33-year-old’s aunt, who is in the care of the woman’s two children, and stated that for several weeks they have not responded to the messages she sent him.

Fernanda has been absent from her home since January 9 and the family assumes that she was accompanied by her partner, José Luis Oclides Bramardi, 43 years old.

Bramardi’s relatives had also asked the police last Friday to search for the man who yesterday he committed suicide when he was located by the police in the town of San Francisco, 120 kilometers from the San Luis capital.

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Prosecutor Maximiliano Bazla said that the man was located in a rural area of ​​San Francisco, near the entrance of the town and that he was carrying a weapon which he used to commit suicide.

“The operation took place on Saturday morning and when he was surrounded by the police, the man began to threaten to shoot himself,” he said, noting that “police personnel quickly tried to avoid this situation, but to no avail.”

The man “inflicted two shots, one in his stomach and one in the head with a 32 caliber revolver”the prosecutor specified.

“The raking tasks continue and we are exploring the entire surrounding area where the woman lived, among other places, and at the moment we have no trace of her,” Bazla said.

Also, he highlighted that “Bramardi’s belongings are being investigated to understand whether or not there is a connection to Lucero’s disappearance.”.

The news of Bramardi’s suicide caused a mobilization on Saturday followingnoon in the city of Villa Mercedes, in which family members and feminist groups demanded that the search continue and Fernanda’s appearance alive.

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