Fernández Oro agreed on a comprehensive security plan with the government of Río Negro

2023-12-29 00:23:04

This week, the mayor of Fernández Oro, Gustavo Amati traveled to Viedma to meet with different provincial officials. They confirmed that the formation of a comprehensive joint security plan with the provincial government.

Together with the communal chief, the Secretary of Human Development, Marcos Timm. The series of meetings took place this Wednesday.

The first meeting they held was with the Minister of Security, Daniel Jara and the Chief Commissioner General, Mary Carmen Carrizo. After the meeting, they confirmed that a comprehensive plan was agreed to increase the presence of security cameras throughout the town, improve surveillance and prevent crimes.

«The optimization of the GFO monitoring center was discussed and the improvement of the detachment of the former Isla 10 neighborhood. The importance of restore police presence on Bridge 83 and Route N°65«, they detailed regarding the agreement.

After that agreement, Amati and Timm held conversations with Federico Lutz, Government Minister. During the meeting, “strategies were explored to improve the distribution of the co-participation and the viability of collaborating was analyzed with private companies to optimize the water treatment plant«, they described. And they announced that the implementation of a new municipal billing model that applies more efficient practices was evaluated.

Before finishing your visit to the Rio Negro capital, They spoke with Juan Pablo Muena, Minister of Human Development, Sports and Culture. And a 2024 work agenda began to be projected between the Province and the Municipality.

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