Fernando Burlando and Carolina Duer the first eliminated in The Challenge Argentina

It was released on Monday The Challenge Argentina and tonight the program hosted by Marley already had its first couple eliminated. Fernando Burlando and Carolina Duer they were left out following finishing last in the first challenge and losing the duel once morest Adrián Cormillot and Eva Bargiela.

Burlando and Duer initially placed ninth in the test that had to use memory, balance and physical resistance to be able to build a triangular tower with different shapes and colors.For this reason they had to duel once morest a second couple to avoid being eliminated.

For that, Mocking and Carolina they tried to convince the winners Oky and Julieta Puente to choose between Fernanda Alley and Lio Ferro or Adrian Cormillot and Eva Bargiela. Oky and Julieta leaned over the doctor and the model.

The challenge consisted of each pair having a estimated time to pass a very heavy rope between an iron pyramid, and then the couples exchanged places to untie the rope the opposing team got tangled up.

Cormillot and Bargiela chose to tangle the rope strategically with knots in each section to complicate their opponents. While Burlando and Duer showed difficulties in team play, which ended up giving an advantage to their competitors who ended up being the winners.

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