Fiio’s Debut Album: A Fusion of Genres and Evocative Lyrics

2023-10-10 04:49:39

A bit of everything? This is what the local musician fiio serves with his debut “We only become what we already are”, which will be released on October 20th. The singer, who was born in Baden near Vienna, ventured into the big form after various attempts and apparently has an open ear for current trends and tastes.

In this respect, it is hardly surprising that he is reminiscent of colleagues like the sharp-tongued Bibiza and of course has the Wanda hip swing up his sleeve, not to mention a lot of Britpop (“Sofia”). The content is about feelings, thoughts and generational issues, “Power to the People” is proclaimed and the danceable longing in “Heim Wanna” is set to music. All of this sounds pretty promising, but also relatively mixed together.

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