Finance, mining, agribusiness… These women leaders who have succeeded in breaking the glass ceiling – Jeune Afrique

2023-08-11 16:37:30

What allows women to impose themselves in the world of work? How to become essential in this world of masculine codes? What builds the legitimacy of a femme leader? Many women ask themselves these questions on a daily basis. To understand what breaks the glass ceiling, Young Africa went to meet directors to gather their testimonies and advice.

A world of men

A common point first. Unwavering ambition is the source of success of these African women who have become leaders. “You have to remember one thing. Women are just as ambitious as men. Only, they are much less confident. When a female executive is asked if she will one day be able to run for a management position, only 58% of them answer positively against 76% of men”, remember Sandra

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