“Finance” reveals the details of the tax refund: a recognized global system

Dr. Mohamed Suleiman Qura, Director General of Customs and Tax Affairs, said that with regard to Egypt hosting “COP 27 items for the United Nations secretariat, which are devices for equipment, audio and devices used in covering the conference, and there are items specific to some countries, which are friendly products.” For the environment, reporters and news agencies will have facilities in the Ministry and the Customs Authority, such as equipment, machines, tapes and photocopiers, and there is full coordination with the Press Center of the State Information Service to register and release these equipment through the Customs Authority.

Mokhtar added, in a telephone interview with the media, Qaswaa Al-Khalali, presenter of the “In the Evening with Kaswaa” program, on the cbc channel: that refunding the tax is a recognized global system, as the value-added tax law in Egypt includes an article that allows tax refunds for foreign departures, as This response is for delegations of natural persons only. When an expatriate enters the country, he has the right to buy any products, gifts or items, and when he leaves the country he can recover the previously paid tax, and this is a kind of encouragement of tourism and the acquisition of Egyptian products, and this system is applied by Egypt. Like all countries: “We have already started procedures with the Central Bank and some banks operating in airports and ports to facilitate tax refund procedures.”

He stressed: “The invoice must not be less than 1500 pounds, and the goods came out with the passenger or by any other means through which it can be verified that the goods were purchased from within, and the tax refund applies to Egyptian or imported products provided that the purchase was made in Egypt.”

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