Firefighters managed to control 95% of the fire in a mattress factory in Bogotá

More than ten machines, 50 firefighters and fire fighting resources from the Bogotá and Cundinamarca Fire Brigades and Aguas Bogotá were necessary to control the voracious fire that broke out in the mattress factory Santa Fe, located on the Bogotá – Medellín road, at the exit for Calle 80, exactly in the municipality of Cota.

Although the conflagration is 95% controlled, at this time the flames, which reached up to 15 meters in height, have not been completely extinguished due to the large amount of chemicals storeds in the affected warehouse, where four fire extinguishing machines, three tank trucks, a ladder machine, one for flammable liquids and three trucks are still present.

Units of the Army, the Police and the Departments of Health and Mobility of the Capital District participate in the operation.

Due to the emergency, eight people were valueds, of which four were transferred to the Engativá Hospital and six more that were treated due to smoke inhalation.

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The actions being carried out by Bomberos Bogotá have to do with the cooling of the area near Calle 80 and the chemical warehouse of the affected company. The factory has an approximate area of ​​24,000 square meters, in which around 250 people work.

Firefighters arrived at the scene of the emergency from: Cota, Funza, Sopó, Tocancipá, El Rosal, Chía, Tenjo, Mosquera, Tabio and Madrid; likewise, ambulances from the Bogotá and Cundinamarca Health Secretariats, the National Police, the Bogotá Mobility Secretariat, Civil Defense, the Red Cross, the Cota Mayor’s Office and the Cundinamarca Governor’s Office.

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As explained by Captain Álvaro Farfán, of the Cundinamarca Fire Department, there are still “some hot spots that we hope to extinguish in the next few hours.”

The official said that the affected company was “in total loss”, although the flames were prevented from reaching other nearby companies such as a paint factory and another propane gas sales factory that might have exploded.

“There were no human losses but there were incalculable economic losses that will be evaluated once the fire is fully controlled. The same is regarding to establish the cause of the conflagration, ”he added.

At this moment (7:45 pm) there are four fire engines cooling the hot spots left by the fire, while traffic on 80th Street towards Siberia has already been restored.

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