Five golden tips for tiny bathrooms

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When we imagine the floor plan of a house, we often forget about an essential room: the bathroom. Discreet, this space often ends up receiving only the indispensable footage to be functional. If this is the case with your project, know that your tiny bathroom has enormous potential! I called the architect Aiê Tombolato to give her five golden tips when it comes to small bathrooms.

The toilet was born many centuries ago, more precisely between the twelfth and ninth centuries BC in Ancient Greece. Its main function was to accommodate small washbasins for residents and guests of a residence to wash their hands before meals. Today, this remains one of its main uses, perfect for preserving the intimate area of ​​the home.

More and more architects see the bathroom as an opportunity to innovate and dare in decoration, as if this space were the ideal place to create a point of dissonance (in a good way) from the rest of the project. This is the case of the project signed by the architects Aiê Tombolato and Renato Mendonça. The duo is here to prove that it is indeed possible to innovate in tiny bathrooms!

In the project below, the washbasin was mimicked in the room’s beaded panel, and inside, an unconventional mix of coatings and solutions was the bet to completely transform the space.

And just take a look at the result! The inner part of the toilet gained a sense of continuity between the environments, and cumaru wood was used both on the floor and on the wall for this purpose. Calacata paraná, on the other hand, made the floor basin a unique piece, this same material was also used in other furniture in the project, such as the office and pantry table.

Well, now let’s go to the promised five golden tips about tiny bathrooms!

Valentine’s House: What is the first thing to consider when we want to decorate a small bathroom?

Aiê Tombolato: The main point to think about when designing a bathroom, especially a small bathroom, is what we technically call kinesthetic space, that is, the areas for circulation and use of the tub and basin.

C.V.: Do colors greatly influence the feeling of spaciousness? And coatings, are there any tips?

Aiê Tombolato: Because it is not a permanence environment, we do not necessarily need to explore its breadth. The use of vibrant, dark colors and even bolder prints is allowed. It is worth giving the feeling of a more intimate space with colors and lighting with a warmer color temperature.

As for the coatings, there is a huge range of possibilities since the bathroom is a theoretically wet area but does not receive the same amount of water and humidity as a bathroom with a shower.

I really like the continuity of floors in the environments of a house, so entering with the same floor as the living room in the bathroom pleases me a lot. This continuity greatly contributes to the sense of breadth of the social area as a whole.

It is also necessary to think about the practicality of using and maintaining this toilet in the medium/long term. Thinking about it, I always think of the wall covering behind the sink countertop.

As for the walls, where there is no risk of splashing water, anything goes in the bathroom: paint, wallpaper, fabric, wood, cement and many other options.

C.V.: Is there a better mirror shape for small bathrooms?

Aiê Tombolato: To give a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom, the best mirror format is the one that covers the wall from end to end, but as I said before, the bathroom does not need to be spacious or give the feeling of spaciousness. I have really enjoyed using mirrors with organic shapes.

C.V.: What is the ideal lighting for this space?

Aiê Tombolato: I really like using dimmable light in the bathroom, so each person uses it as they please. If it is necessary to touch up a make-up, it is possible to turn on the lamp with 100% of the power, or just a lower and more comfortable light if not necessary.

I always like to have a functional light and a decorative one on a pendant, sconce or even a “charm” built into the wall.

C.V.: Finally, are there any unusual tricks to make better use of space?

Aiê Tombolato: The trick to making the most of the space in a small bathroom is not to overdo the decor. A beautiful bathroom has the minimum necessary in the right measure and good circulation. Proportion is the secret.

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