Five-Star Hotel Buffet Annual Passes: A Cost-Effective Dining Option

2023-11-09 14:15:58

Five-star hotel buffets attract many people, but mainland five-star hotels have launched annual passes that allow you to eat every day for a whole year. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo)

Mainland media discovered that many young people purchased annual passes issued by five-star hotels, which allowed them to eat at restaurant buffets for three meals a day, turning hotels into canteens. The mainland media made an in-depth exploration of the situation. After doing some calculations, they discovered that if they really ate there every day, three meals a day would be required. All meals are served in five-star restaurants, and a meal may cost less than NT$50. It is quite cost-effective and attracts many young people to buy it.

One netizen spent 12,888 yuan to eat buffet at a five-star hotel every day for a whole year. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo)

The mainland media “Cover News” found that many young people are buying self-service annual passes launched by high-end hotels. Some people even record videos of eating there every day. An office worker said that she spent 12,888 yuan (about NT$50,000). 7097), you can go to the buffet of a big hotel for three meals a day, and it even takes only two or three minutes to get to the hotel from work. She said that not only does it solve the problem of what to eat every day, but the food items are even more than take-out, and they are even changed every day. New dishes.

She also said that if she eats three meals a day on weekdays, each meal only costs 18 yuan (about NT$80) on average. And she is not the first. Another man living in Chengdu also lives a life of eating buffets every day. , he revealed that he bought an annual dinner card for a five-star hotel near his home, which costs 9,999 yuan a year (approximately NT$44,298). It can be used for more than 340 days out of 365 throughout the year, except for special holidays such as New Year and Christmas. I think it’s a good deal, and I’ll even rush to eat as soon as I get off work, so I don’t have to worry about what to eat for dinner.

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Recently, many hotels have launched such services during Double 11. At first glance, it seems like a large amount of money, but when you divide it into the daily meal cost, you will find that it is very cost-effective. Mainland reporters also discovered that there is a high-end buffet restaurant that only requires an annual lunch pass. 368 yuan (approximately NT$1,630), which is equivalent to two meals in a Taiwanese restaurant for one year.

Many netizens are also interested in such five-star hotel buffet annual passes. They think that it is like a gym annual pass. The more times you go, the more cost-effective it is. They even joked, “I only go to the gym a few times after I have applied for the annual pass, but I have finished the hotel buffet annual pass.” Full of power afterward.”

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