Florida Project feat. Leroy Daniels & DJ Tom – Follow You Follow Me

First official dance cover of the Genesis hit

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Florida Project feat. Leroy Daniels & DJ Tom – Follow You Follow Me.

It’s been a whopping 16 years since DJ Tom came up with the idea of ​​a dance cover for Phil Collins and his band Genesis’ all-time hit “Follow You Follow Me.” Now his dream has finally come true and not only that – the Florida Project, Leroy Daniels and DJ Tom are the first artists ever to get clearance for a cover of the Genesis title. The new edition offers pure good humor and transforms the pop-rock ballad into a club-ready house track. We would like to introduce you to the song and the artists involved today.

Florida Project feat. Leroy Daniels & DJ Tom

Thomas Averkamp, ​​better known as DJ Tom, has been a resident DJ in the PM & PRISMA discotheques for decades. After working exclusively as a DJ for a long time, he found his way back to his old passion for producing during a long break from performing due to corona. It also revived the idea for the 2006 cover of “Follow You Follow Me”.

For this, the DJ teamed up with none other than Echo award winner Tony Catania – an award-winning music producer best known for his work on Scatman John’s world-famous “Scatman”. With his dance project Tom Civic, he has been working with up-and-coming singers since 2018.

The two producers were also looking for the perfect voice for the current collaboration – they found it in Leroy Daniels. The veteran singer has a plethora of music projects and TV appearances, and is currently a member of cover band 12 inch.

Follow You Follow Me

No time is wasted on this “Follow You Follow Me” reissue – the song jumps right into the iconic sing-along chorus. Leroy Daniels’ first class performance is accompanied by a groovy dance piano. It doesn’t take 20 seconds before the crisp beat and the rich bass line kick in – a party mood sets in. It’s easy to see that this number, with its upbeat, danceable character, was created for the club. Nevertheless, the track has lost none of the charm of the original released in 1978.

Conclusion: Instead of just looping the chorus, the verses made it into DJ Tom, Tony Catania and Leroy Daniels’ remastered “Follow You Follow Me.” This sets the number apart from the mass of half-hearted slap house covers that have already flooded the music scene. We think this song that screams summer, sun and sand is an early highlight of 2022 that you shouldn’t miss.

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