For adults only, as her mother gave birth to her…. Al-Qeshta Mona Farouk is a belly dance compass that made the youth crazy

The Egyptian actress, Mona Farouk, shared with her audience a video clip from the Ayyam series, through her personal account on the photo and short video exchange site “Instagram”, where she appeared in the scene as the night girl “Noussa”, seducing an old man in the middle of the night and going with him to his house to practice vice.

The controversial scene began with Nousa’s meeting with Farid, where the latter asked her to carry out a task represented by deceiving his father, “Radi”, and signing him on the house sale paper. He asked her to help her because she was lost, and her cell phone had finished charging. Hajj “Radi” replied to her by saying, “We will ship it for you. Do you want slow or fast shipping?” Then he went with her to his house.

In another scene, Nousa appeared while she was with Radi in his house, dancing with him in an exciting way, and when he asked her to go with him to the bedroom, she refused and asked him to hand over 300 pounds to her first, and sign the paper in her possession, and because Radi was drunk and unconscious. He agreed to her requests and signed the paper

Mona Farouk responds to negative comments

Mona Farouk did not escape the negative comments and criticisms, some of which spoke that the role of the night girl, Nousa, was suitable for her, and in her response to the attack she was subjected to, Mona Farouk said: I swear to God, we will succeed and write it everywhere, and she took immunity from disrespectful comments.

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