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It is weekend would leave Europe third humanitarian flight with Ecuadorians who left Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry estimates that more than 200 would return.

According to preliminary information from that ministry, there are 187 nationals who are already outside the conflict zone, of which 84 are in Poland, 78 in Hungary, 10 in Slovakia, 8 in Romania and 7 in Moldova. But there are 93 that are still in that nation that was militarily invaded by Russia.

On two humanitarian flights, and with the support of the Government of Mexico, 456 Ecuadoriansof which 387 would be students. More than 870 students would have been in that country.

In humanitarian corridor, 7 Ecuadorian students evacuate war zone in Ukraine

But there were compatriots who, tired of the complexity of leaving that country, they came back on their own.

That is the case of Kharla Tamayo, 19, who was about to attend the second semester of odontology. He lived for a year and a half in Ukraine.

Already in Ecuador, she said that together with other people they went to Romania. From the Foreign Ministry there was a contact, but with the group that was there they preferred to go to a hotel that was intended for people who evacuated Ukraine to stay for one night for free.

The return flight, in his opinion, was quite a disorder”.

She was in town Oradea city, Romania, and to go to Bucharest, the capital from where the plane was going to depart, were twelve hours by train.

“We had already traveled so much that we didn’t want to travel anymore. So they called me and told me to please go to Bucharest, that a flight from mexico, humanitarian, so we can go there. And we said that well, that we were going to do everything possible to get there. And we got on the train, twelve hours. When they write to me at dawn to say that the flight has already left. I found it very unfair and very disrespectful“, said.

Tamayo added that he understands that it was not the government’s fault, but Mexico advanced the flight. But he sentenced: “Don’t waste our time and don’t have us as a toy, from one side to the other.”

In Bucharest they stayed two nights, in one shelter houseand then they found out about the possibility of coming on the humanitarian flight from Poland.

Finally, he preferred return on your own.

“With two other guys, we bought our ticket, we ourselves pay for our flight“, he pointed.

Came to Ecuador last Monday from Romania.

For Tamayo, studying in the country is not an option. She will look for a job and follow art courses related to makeup or fashion design, to then leave Ecuador. I would like to return to Europe, but another alternative is Canada. She is ready to start college again.

one way or anotherWhen I left I already saw myself fulfilled there, but not here. I know that things are difficult here and everything, ”she mentioned.

‘We all went into ‘shock’ (…) it rumbled to the ground,’ says Sebastián Martínez, an Ecuadorian student who was in Ukraine, about the bombings

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The Secretary of Higher Education (Senescyt) enabled since last weekend a platform to enroll those students who returned from Ukraine and who want to rejoin to the higher education system.

Cut to Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 42 people have registered, most of whom were studying Medicine degrees; also Dentistry, Business Administration and even Aeronautical Engineering.

Alejandro Ribadeneira, Secretary of Higher Education, indicated that the platform will be enabled until March 18 at 11:59 p.m.

On that website you ask for the identity card numbername, university where he was studying, what level he reached, his address.

With that information, he added, they could determine which people have to take the Transform test and which people would enter Ecuadorian universities.

About the Medicine career, Ribadeneira —in an interview with Trade— maintained that, if there are people who completed the rotating internship, they should take the professional qualification exam and could continue with the rural one. She stated that the quotas for that stage are guaranteed. It is estimated that there are more than 103 students in this career.

Ribadeneira indicated that the costs will be borne by the government.

On the Senescyt platform, 15 students who were studying in Ukraine have registered; 387 students have returned from that nation, according to preliminary information from the Foreign Ministry

THE UNIVERSE he consulted the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, if the medical students are going to continue their studies in the country or what is the specific plan for them. He replied that they are working hand in hand with the Senescyt to be able to give a solution to those students.

He added that, as soon as they have the details confirmed what are the steps to follow, will be announced.

The Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguin indicated —in a digital interview— that Ecuador works with its ukrainian couple in order to obtain all the information that any student may lack and that there is direct contact with the universities there.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through a statement, indicated that have not been planned humanitarian evacuation flights for Ecuadorians who are in Russia or Belarus.

It further recommended that have sufficient funds and that their passports have at least six months validity. (I)

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