For twenty years, family therapists have faced the same challenges with families with children. Her advice is a bit unconventional, but it works

There are too many petty arguments.

Everyday life is hectic and rarely particularly pleasant and present.

– Many of the parents of young children who come to me do not understand why it is so difficult and tiring to make everyday life go smoothly, when everyone else can figure it out, says Helle Terp Hyttel.

The stories are often the same when she meets parents of young children in her clinic “Familielivet” in Skørping, where she works as an independent family and psychotherapist.

They say that this is not how they dreamed it would be when they started a family.

For a long time, they have been pushed to the limit. And now something from outside has caused the cup to overflow. An extra big work pressure. Illness in the family. Or something third.

They yearn to live more. To have the energy to and be present with the children.

When Helle Terp Hyttel hears these types of problems, she likes to challenge the parents a little on their beliefs about the life they have created for themselves.

She knows what it takes to solve the challenges.

But her method is a little unconventional.

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2024-03-24 17:57:24
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