Former lover Keti Topuria was planted by a cunning sister

Cathy Topuria

The other day, the drug addict rapper Alexei Dolmatov, better known by his stage name Guf, unexpectedly turned out to be in the center of everyone’s attention. After a scandalous divorce from his son’s mother, Sami Aiza Vagapova, and futile attempts to build a relationship with the lead singer of the A-Studio group, Keti Topuria, he seemed to find his happiness in marriage with model Yulia Koroleva, who gave birth to his daughter Tina last year. On social networks, he constantly scattered compliments and declarations of love to her. But, as it turned out, it did not last long.

The scandal in the Dolmatov family broke out on vacation in Thailand. On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, the rapper posted photos of his women in one of the social networks banned in Russia – mother Elena Dolmatova, ex-wife Aiza and daughter Tina. Only for some reason he ignored the Queen and began to hint that she did not please him in some way. And then, one after another, he posted several videos, from which it became clear that he went over alcohol and illegal substances, brought his wife to tears with some ridiculous claims, and, taking her passport with her child, did not let them fly to Moscow.

“Your drugs, which you sniff, and not me, squeezed all the juice out of you,” Yulia was indignant in one of the videos, turning to the camera.

– Can you tell me who your mother is and what she did? Alexei asked her sarcastically from behind the scenes. – And where is she now? Why weren’t my parents at our wedding? Why didn’t you let them in?


“Because you didn’t want to call them,” his wife answered him. – You yourself constantly merge your mother. And you say something else about me. Where are our passports?

– I have your passports until you tell me the whole truth, where is your mother, – her missus did not let up.

– Enough, bitch, scoff! the Queen cried with tears in her eyes. – I’ll call the cops to hell. You will be locked up in a monkey house. Give me my passport and my child!

“I also got an allergy to alcohol for no reason at all,” Dalmatov complained in another video. – I was so drunk all these days that I have a scribe what is happening with the body. Satisfied, Yul? I can barely stand, damn it. In short, damn it, my legs give way. I feel like I’m dying. “Ambulance” quickly give here!

From Aiza, who immediately reacted to these videos, the alarmed public learned that his sister and part-time director Olga Dolmatova flew to Thailand to resolve the situation and save the dying rapper. And soon Julia got in touch and reported that the incident had been settled, and she and her daughter were in Moscow.

Cathy Topuria

“My life was unrealistically happy until about February 28, after which everything abruptly turned to dust, which you can just flush down the toilet,” she told subscribers. – In the video, Lyosha, being in a state of “Alik” (a disorder of schizophrenia), is trying to find out where my mother is, who I am, etc. Do you know why? For a long time, Lesha’s mother simply drove him into paranoia: “They slipped her on you! She wants to get your wealth! She has no parents! Tina is not your child! Fuck her! You won’t be happy with her!” What is the purpose of this? I don’t know. Perhaps the person has a problem with the head. Having finally moved out on this basis, he came and arranged what everyone saw. Now he’s all right. He will regenerate health for a while. Sorry for this whole circus! I am unrealistically ashamed, but I could not control it.

“I want to support Yulia and subscribe to the words about Lesha’s mother, who has been a very long and deeply ill person, whose treatment, unfortunately, no one is involved in,” Aiza added her five kopecks. – Lesha began to interest her only after he began to earn money. Before that, she left him at the age of 14, leaving her with her grandmother during a very difficult period for the child. And later she threw Lyosha and Tamara Konstantinovna at me, knowing that I would look after them. Alexei’s addiction never worried her, so she herself drank with him in the forefront. Her grandchildren are not interested at all. Sam doesn’t know who Grandma Lena is. I last saw her drunk crawling on the floor during Lehi’s last crisis in Thailand. I’m glad I don’t have to have anything to do with Elena anymore. And I hope that Yulia will also put a big end to her until she undergoes treatment.

Alexey and Julia

“I knew what I was getting into”

These ugly showdowns caused a storm of gossip on the Internet. Some sympathized with the Queen. Others condemned her. But everyone unanimously wondered why, after everything that had happened, she did not break with Dalmatov, but hurried to hush up the conflict.

“Guf has the classic behavior of a psychopath,” one of the participants in the popular forum said, “They definitely have an aggravation on a holiday. Do not feed bread – let loved ones kill the mood. This is called triangulation – he uploaded a photo of the former to the network and forced the woman to be jealous: “Achotakova, Yulek? Are you upset?” I feel sorry for Julie. She may think that it is still possible to build a relationship with him, or at least hope for a material output from him. But with him, only health can be ruined and the psyche, which we see from Aiza. This shit isn’t worth any money. Maybe Julia is the child of an alcoholic or a psycho? From somewhere she took this adaptability to violence.

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“Julia said that her mother was a badass, either drugs or alcohol, she was quite fond of,” another forum member enlightened her. – The father alone raised them with a brother or sister. And she doesn’t have the feelings for her mother that she should have. I just don’t feel sorry for Julia. She takes a shower, rinses off her husband’s slop and will continue to be the happiest. Her whole idyll was broken by her evil mother-in-law. And how not to forgive Lech if a person is sick! Yes, his mother was a difficult Riley – a gray cardinal. She took her invisible throne in Lekhin’s heart. I admit that she could say something to her son. But how old is he for a second, so that he runs from one sisi to another with testimony?

Mama Gufa – Elena

– There, the sister will not allow anyone to see him, except Yulka, – another participant of the forum noted. – The same Aiza would quickly put her out of the yard and not allow her to sheath. Therefore, the cunning Olya found a comfortable Yulka, constantly spread her under him and kept her on her side. She also organized a ring for them when Julia was already with a belly. After all, Isa just then tried to return to him, remember yourself. Yulka helped him open a cafe in Tai. Apparently, she presented it to him in a quarrel. And he let’s cock that it’s all his. Yes, without Yulka, he might already be lying in the grave, and not on a hammock in Tai, a greedy fat bastard! What kind of geeks the earth does not wear!

– No need to feel sorry for Yulia now! Well, don’t! – called another Internet user. Julia knew what she was getting into. She was a fierce fan of Leshka. I followed him everywhere. I studied his family and everyone involved. And she got into this marriage without soap. She was kicked out twice, but she returned there herself. As for the intervention of Leshka’s mother, I have big doubts. It seems to me that she does not care at all who is there with him. She was silent, even when it was worse – stoned Lesya Fak, Lera Kondra immediately after the first breakup with Aiza, Yana Shevtsova with HIV and all sorts of things. I’m sure Julia is getting high now that they are talking about her, and does not think what to do next. Here’s how to make excuses in stories that she didn’t leave – yes. To continue to expose them with Leshka.

Terrible prediction

“If a woman has already taken such a risk twice – she contacted the mentally ill Guf and gave birth to a child from him, she will risk the third, and the fourth, and the fifth time,” astrologer Viktor Bogdanov, better known under the name Pavsekaky. – This risk is connected at all with money. Yes, Guf earns something. But this is far from a Forbes list. His concert costs no more than two or three thousand dollars. And royalties for songs amount to 100-150 thousand rubles a year.

It’s just that this woman has a certain emotional dependence on him, from which she catches a buzz. It doesn’t have to be love. Maybe all her life she wanted a star from the first hundred to be her husband and give birth to her. And even if common sense tells her: “Run, baby!”, She says: “No, I will finish this story to the end.” Therefore, this union will continue in the next two or three years.

It is clear that they will eventually break up. They do not have a common fate in their horoscope. The horoscope shows that Guf will have four marriages, and he will not get along in any of them. And at the turn of 2025-2027, there is a possibility that Guf will not live long.

Photo source: Social networks, Boris Kudryavov, Ivan Makeev / KP

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