Former Minister Salim Jreissati Calls for Accountability of Banque du Liban Deputies and Urges Legal Action – Interview Highlights

2023-07-08 18:06:10

Former Minister Salim Jreissati considered that the union of the four deputies of the Governor of the Banque du Liban to threaten to resign, despite the differences between them, came as a push from a Shiite reference until further notice in cooperation with President Najib Mikati to justify a play called Appointment of Necessity, adding, “I call for the accountability of the four deputies, both judicially and governmentally.” And in parliament, because the threat of vacancy constitutes a violation of the oath and the monetary and credit law.

Jreissati said in an interview with MTV: We have been informed by Hezbollah of its refusal to participate in any government session aimed at appointing a new ruler or members of the military council. It is now the persecution of Taif and the rights of Christians in it. Miqati must be aware that raising this issue might take him to a dangerous place.

Jreissati stressed that there is a legal impossibility to appoint a new ruler in the absence of a president and a caretaker government, just as the oath cannot be postponed because it is not a formal procedure. He is chosen by the judicial judiciary or a temporary director of the Banque du Liban appointed by the administrative judiciary,” explaining that he will review the deputy prime minister in this regard, because the proposal must come from him, the Minister of Finance, or any parliamentary bloc.

Details in the attached video.

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