Former Nebraska Associate Head Coach Accused of Grooming Player in Sexual Relationship: Lawsuit

Ashley Scoggin accuses former Nebraska associate head coach of sexual misconduct

Ashley Scoggin, a former basketball player at Nebraska from 2020 to 2022, has recently filed a civil lawsuit accusing former Nebraska associate head coach Chuck Love of grooming her for a sexual relationship. The lawsuit also lists head coach Amy Williams, athletic director Trev Alberts, and the Nebraska school of regents as defendants. Scoggin is seeking unspecified damages for the alleged violation of her civil rights.

In response to the lawsuit, Nebraska released a statement saying that while they do not comment on pending litigation, they do not agree with the allegations and intend to vigorously defend the matter. Scoggin, who now plays for UNLV, claims that both Williams and Alberts failed to maintain appropriate boundaries between players and the coaching staff.

The lawsuit alleges that Love, who had mentored Scoggin and held individual practice sessions with her, began making inappropriate advances by inviting her out for drinks and messaging her late at night while she was working an academic internship. According to the lawsuit, Love kissed her after she accepted one of his late-night invitations. This eventually led to a sexual relationship, which Scoggin claims she felt compelled to engage in out of fear of retaliation from Williams.

Scoggin’s attorney, Maren Lynn Chaloupka, emphasized the importance of leadership principles and the need for coaches to not engage in inappropriate relationships with their students. She stated that student-athletes should feel protected rather than punished if a coach is preying on them.

The lawsuit also alleges that Love created a power dynamic that made Scoggin believe he had control over her place on the team and her future. Scoggin claims that Love would summon her for sex in his hotel room during road games and that she experienced reduced playing time after she refused to participate in a group sex session with Love and another individual.

In February 2022, team members caught and videotaped Scoggin in Love’s hotel room after tricking a hotel desk clerk into giving them Love’s room key. The coach was subsequently shown the video, but according to the lawsuit, took no measures to protect Scoggin’s confidentiality or further investigate the situation. Instead, Williams called a team meeting where she encouraged team members to interrogate Scoggin and Love, allowing for verbal abuse towards Scoggin.

Following the incident, Scoggin was suspended from the team while Love received a paid suspension. Scoggin claims that when she met with a member of Nebraska’s athletic department, she was not informed of her rights under Title IX. Later, Williams confirmed that Scoggin was removed from the team.

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Scoggin and her parents then met with Alberts, Williams, and other athletic department officials. However, the lawsuit alleges that Alberts did not address the issue of coaches engaging in sexual relationships with student-athletes. Love remained on paid suspension until his resignation on May 13, 2022.

This distressing case sheds light on the power dynamics and lack of appropriate boundaries within the world of college sports. It raises questions about the responsibility of coaches, the handling of student-athlete complaints, and the need for enhanced measures to protect the welfare of student-athletes.

This incident also serves as a reminder of the ongoing issue of sexual misconduct in sports, with numerous cases of abuse and exploitation coming to light in recent years. It highlights the urgent need for stricter policies and protocols to be implemented across all levels of sports organizations to prevent such incidents from occurring and ensure the safety and well-being of athletes.

In conclusion, the allegations made by Ashley Scoggin against Chuck Love and the subsequent handling of the situation by Nebraska’s coaching staff and athletic department reflect a larger problem within the sports industry. It is imperative for universities and institutions to prioritize the safety and well-being of their student-athletes, establish clear boundaries, and take swift action to address any instances of misconduct. Only by doing so can we create an environment where athletes can excel and thrive without fear of exploitation or abuse.

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