Former Prime Minister Johnson pays tribute to “Elizabeth the Great”

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dubbed the late Queen “Elizabeth the Great”. At their last meeting on Tuesday at their Scottish country estate Balmoral, Johnson said in the British Parliament on Friday that he saw the Queen “as radiant, knowledgeable and as fascinated by politics as ever”. The queen was the central building block of Britain.

Johnson said the BBC interviewed him about the Queen a few months ago for a pre-recorded conversation in case of her death. “I had to swallow and couldn’t go on,” he said. “I’m really not built close to water, but I was so overcome with grief that I had to ask her to leave me alone.”

With an anecdote, Johnson made the black-clad MPs laugh. “Unlike us politicians with our motorbike escorts and armored convoys, I can tell you as an eyewitness that she herself, without officers or bodyguards, drove in her own car and sped through the Scottish countryside at frightening speeds, to the utter astonishment of walkers and tourists alike, that we encountered,” Johnson said.

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