Former Sattahip Politician Arrested for Extortion and Assault: Latest News and Updates

2024-01-22 11:58:41

  • Why did you twist me? Former politician hires N-boy, finishes work, says all football bets and asks to pay half: Khaosod – Khaosod Khaosod TV – Khaosod
  • En girl reports to police to arrest former Sattahip politician for extorting money – raping her without wearing a condom online manager
  • N children report arrest of former Sattahip politician Distorted price – forced her not to wear a bag and also threatened to kill Naew Na newspaper
  • Sperm has been collected! Child N informs police to arrest former politician Forced to not wear a bag – distorted payment – threatened to kill Khaosod
  • A young woman reported the arrest of a local politician. extort money Forced to not wear condoms, afraid of contracting disease, Thai Post
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